Friday, August 31, 2007

Sambassadeur returns with a new luxurious sound

In 2003 and 2004 Sambassadeur lead an explosive Swedish pop movement of home recording artists who surprised our country by not only achieving overnight indie fame, thanks to the MP3 spreading kids, they actually reached the sales charts.

Considering the "Gothenburg-based band played wistful indie pop that put a Sarah Records or C86 ramshackleness on influences like the Velvet Underground and the Go Betweens" (PITCHFORK) this came as a surprise to many. To us, it proved that the average record buyer might not have the worst taste in music after all.

The new single "Subtle changes" showcases brand new sides of Sambassadeur. With help from producer Mattias Glavå (Broder Daniel, Dungen, Håkan Hellström) they've returned with a luxurious sound filled with disco hi-hats, swooping strings and orchestra drums that enhance their deceptive melodies to new heights.

Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes

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