Thursday, June 26, 2008

More human than human

Ever since I heard the S.Y.D. remix of "Little" from the Pauli vs Tyrell release on Clone, I was instantly hooked on these two.

I was already a MAJOR fan of Alden for his "Love Explosion" - that song still drives me wild, and his name referencing the Tyrell Corporation on the classic cult film, Bladerunner
GENIUS all around!

I got to know Pauli by his epic mix. tracklist. Any mix that starts off by Front 242 is an instant classic to me.

Now I bring you two new songs from this super duo:

Alden Tyrell - INSTR

Mr. Pauli - EBM3

Now I found out today that the Hercules and Love Affair show @ The Echo is SOLD OUT!!! this saddens me.
I leave you with a U.S. only album extra:

Hercules and Love Affair - I'm Telling You

Friday, June 06, 2008

dye my eyes and call me pretty

Amazing band:

too bad i won't be able to catch their show tonight. maybe in another 12 years.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New EP from Club 8 - available now!

Club 8’s critically acclaimed album ”The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming” is pop music at it’s most profound, and the most personal, honest and beloved song in the whole collection spells “Jesus, walk with me”.

“Focused on the melancholy pop that is their forte, Karolina Komstedt’s breathy vocals are very much to the fore on these ravishingly pretty melodies. These songs about love and the fleeting nature of existence pack an emotional punch.
Q (****)

“And no wonder he couldn’t stop dreaming, if he was listening to this album. After a four-year absence, Sweden’s Club 8 provide the dreamiest dreampop imaginable, with Karolina Komstedt’s feather-light voice placed delicately over Johan Angergard’s gently evolving backing tracks.” The Sunday Times (4 Stars)

On this new 5-track EP the title track is backed up by four brilliant, exclusive tracks - two brand new songs and remixes by Jimahl and new Labrador signees The Sound of Arrows.

We're offering all three versions of "Jesus, walk with me" as free MP3 download here (zip) >>

The street date is June 11. We start shipping orders today. 6 Euros including freight. Order here >>

Your new favourite club is called Labrador Allstars and starts on June 06 at Trädgården, Stockholm. Read more >>

Club 8 - "Jesus, walk with me"

Track listing
1. Jesus, walk with me (MP3)
2. What I'm dreaming of is something I could have
3. Take me home
4. Jesus, walk with me (The Sound of Arrows remix) (MP3)
5. Jesus, walk with me (Jimahl remix) (MP3)
Price: €6