Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cut Copy - Far Away

From Cut Copy:

Hey everyone,

We've had a few queries so thought we should let you all know that the 'FAR AWAY' EP won't be available in Australia until Saturday December 6th, so you'll have to wait until then to purchase it from your favourite online distributor.

In the meantime however, we've posted up the Hercules & Love Affair remix, as well as new track 'Sands of Time' on our myspace page, so you can go take a listen in there. Knightlife has posted his reprise of 'So Haunted' on his myspace page and Damn Arms have their 'Far Away' mix up too, so go take a listen to these and all their fine tracks as well. Just click through our Top friends to find them.

And if you're lucky enough to live in Europe, you'll know that the EP is already available in your neck of the woods. If you haven't already purchased it, then what are you waiting for? Tracklisting as follows:-

01 Far Away
02 Far Away [Hercules & Love Affair Remix]
03 Far Away [Damn Arms Remix]
04 Far Away [Golden Filter Remix]
05 Hearts on Fire [Aeroplane Pop Mix]
06 So Haunted [Knightlife Sun-Soaked Reprise]
07 Sands of Time (unreleased)

IMMENSE! Get clicking peoples and enjoy ...

Much love,
C/C xxx

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Fascination Movement - Radio

After releasing their remix of Starcusters' Smoke & Mirrors featuring Marc Almond earlier this year, The Fascination Movement return with a debut EP of original music to be released this fall on Aube Records titled "0.5″

The 4 song EP mixes the echos of new wave and italo with an altogether contemporary sensibility and take on the genre. The underpinnings of melodic and melancholic vocals and guitars are set aside driving bass pumping drum machines and lush keyboards throughout.

Here is the first teaser track from the EP, "Radio". Look for more to come soon…

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New ADULT. Video + DECAMPMENT Screening

The latest music video from Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperis, otherwise known as ADULT. Directed by Danny Kim. For a high def stream of the video, go to:

Also, if you're in L.A. around mid November..make sure to catch ADULT. live @ HTDJ's, Saturday the 15th. AND The trailer for DECAMPMENT in now online. Los Angeles date for DECAMPMENT is Nov. 18th at The Silent Movie Theatre. Details (like times and prices) to follow

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pallers - Humdrum

Labrador proudly present Swedens newest band – Pallers. “Humdrum" was produced in Spain with a view over the Mediterranean. During one week of constant sunshine they created the darkest and finest electronic music we’ve heard in a long time. This is dance music for the lazy, the blazers and for the slightly depressed.

Free MP3 download here >>

"Our heads are flooded after decades of intense listening, and when we create we pour it all out. One leg is always standing in the green grass of pop while the other leg is out on its own, wandering between places such as dancefloors, sandy beaches, cold concrete and a weightless existence in a bed or a hammock." PALLERS

"Humdrum" will be released on 12" vinyl on December 3 backed by a remix by Ultracity, a Pallers Delight Version and the future blazer-favourite "Slow down quickly.

Track list:
A1. Humdrum
A2. Humdrum (Pallers Delight Version)

B1. Slow Down Quickly
B2. Humdrum (Ultracity Epic Remix)

Monday, October 13, 2008


"One Little Indian will release the new Björk single "Nattura", which features the Radiohead frontman on backing vocals. Although the promo indicates that the single is coming out this Monday, October 13, nothing about the single has been confirmed by anyone from One Little Indian or the Björk or Radiohead camps.

UPDATE: Björk's camp has confirmed that the single will indeed be released on October 20 from One Little Indian."


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Death By Glitter

The next time you wanna let some shady bitch have it, throw some glitter in her eye and really rub it in. Let her go BLIND! I'm sure the bitch will learn her lesson.

Sometimes these disco bunnies don't know how to keep their mouth, let alone their legs, closed for a hot minute. And since knifes are so cliché - why not use the glitter already sprawled aross your collar bone as a weapon. Improvise!

The Glitter Band - Make You Blind

Friday, September 05, 2008

JUSTICE - Planisphere

Exclusive: New Tracks

From the 2009 Spring/Summer Dior Homme Campaign:








Friday, August 22, 2008

cash only

400 S. MAIN ST. #705
(4TH & MAIN)




i'll probably go because i came to the conclusion that i don't have any jewelry.

p.s. these new contacts are getting on my fucking nerves already.

Misterio - It's On mp3

Friday, August 01, 2008

Set Me Free

With Giorgio Moroder and Harold Faltermeyer producing your album it's bound to be pure Gold - and that's actually the name of one of the albums this power due took part in along with 3D, with New Dimensions being produced by Giorgio.

"Set Me Free" is taken off of 3D and right from the beginning you KNOW that it is special. But you don't have to take my word for it, have a listen:

Set me free to live! Set me free to love!
The Three Degrees - Set Me Free 1979

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

White Lies

Who are they?

Until earlier this month, these three 19/20-year-olds were the UK's hottest unsigned band. Now, following an A&R scrum at their debut gig in February, the west Londoners have signed to Universal's Fiction imprint. "I am over the fucking moon," says Fiction's MD, Jim Chancellor. "I just think they are absolutely brilliant."

He would say that, wouldn't he?

Indeed. But he's not far wrong. White Lies' gloom-pop influences are obvious - the Teardrop Explodes, Echo & the Bunnymen and Joy Division - but it takes some talent to channel them into music as striking, accomplished and downright catchy as this. The leap in quality from the trio's previous band is astonishing.

They were in another band?

Yes, until October last year, they made promising, if unremarkable, Franz Ferdinand-styled pop with cheeky chappy lyrics as Fear of Flying. Then, the very week that Anton Corbijn's Control hit cinemas, they announced on their MySpace page that "Fear of Flying is DEAD ... White Lies is alive!"

What does Control have to do with it?

Well, it seems fair to assume that White Lies enjoyed Corbijn's brooding Ian Curtis biopic. Gone are Fear of Flying's colourful clothes and sunny disposition, replaced by black stage outfits and couplets rhyming "priest" with "deceased". The makeover may seem a touch contrived, but it suits them enormously well. Major league success now beckons.

Where can I hear them?

Their debut single, Unfinished Business, is released in April, with a tour following in May. Until then, two tracks are available at

Tonight @ The Echo
7:30pm / $10 adv, $12 dos / 18+

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Out Now

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik News I
Hello and welcome and danke for signing up for the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik mailing list.
The fantastic Eine Kleine Nachtmusik album is out now, as is the La Serenissima 12".

La Serenissima
is a reinterpretation of a classical tune that does not appear on the album, and comes in a splendid gold foiled cover. It's available now from all good vinyl vendors, including Phonica.

The album is 10 tracks of purely blissful floaty wonder. You can pick it up on the below links.

In London this Thursday we will be hosting an extra special launch at the Dazed And Confused Gallery and premiering the short film that accompanies the record, directed and animated by David Bailey Ross. There will also be artwork on display by the eternally cosmic Fergadelic, and photos by the sublime Mel Bles. All the info is below.

Come one, come all, hope to see you there.

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Launch
Dazed And Confused Gallery | 112-6 Old Street | London |
Artwork By Fergadelic
Film By David Bailey Ross
Photographs by Mel Bles
7 - 9pm
Film Premiere 7.30

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - La Serenissma

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

PAUL ZONE: The New York Underground Scene
From Glam to Punk 1972-1977
Opening reception Saturday July 12 from 7 to 11 pm
Featuring Guest DJ Kristian Hoffman

More info here

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

La Serenissima

The very first Eine Kleine Nacht Musik release, the beautiful reinterpretation of La Serenissima is available now on lavish gold-foiled 12" vinyl and digitally. La Serenissima sounds like a party in the garden of Eden, a glistening trip of melancholy 4/4, a sumptuously produced classical banger, and is backed by the album track Phantasie, a harder, grinding, autobahn-electro romp.
Buy the single:

Here's a mixtape I found over at Guardian/Music

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More human than human

Ever since I heard the S.Y.D. remix of "Little" from the Pauli vs Tyrell release on Clone, I was instantly hooked on these two.

I was already a MAJOR fan of Alden for his "Love Explosion" - that song still drives me wild, and his name referencing the Tyrell Corporation on the classic cult film, Bladerunner
GENIUS all around!

I got to know Pauli by his epic mix. tracklist. Any mix that starts off by Front 242 is an instant classic to me.

Now I bring you two new songs from this super duo:

Alden Tyrell - INSTR

Mr. Pauli - EBM3

Now I found out today that the Hercules and Love Affair show @ The Echo is SOLD OUT!!! this saddens me.
I leave you with a U.S. only album extra:

Hercules and Love Affair - I'm Telling You

Friday, June 06, 2008

dye my eyes and call me pretty

Amazing band:

too bad i won't be able to catch their show tonight. maybe in another 12 years.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New EP from Club 8 - available now!

Club 8’s critically acclaimed album ”The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming” is pop music at it’s most profound, and the most personal, honest and beloved song in the whole collection spells “Jesus, walk with me”.

“Focused on the melancholy pop that is their forte, Karolina Komstedt’s breathy vocals are very much to the fore on these ravishingly pretty melodies. These songs about love and the fleeting nature of existence pack an emotional punch.
Q (****)

“And no wonder he couldn’t stop dreaming, if he was listening to this album. After a four-year absence, Sweden’s Club 8 provide the dreamiest dreampop imaginable, with Karolina Komstedt’s feather-light voice placed delicately over Johan Angergard’s gently evolving backing tracks.” The Sunday Times (4 Stars)

On this new 5-track EP the title track is backed up by four brilliant, exclusive tracks - two brand new songs and remixes by Jimahl and new Labrador signees The Sound of Arrows.

We're offering all three versions of "Jesus, walk with me" as free MP3 download here (zip) >>

The street date is June 11. We start shipping orders today. 6 Euros including freight. Order here >>

Your new favourite club is called Labrador Allstars and starts on June 06 at Trädgården, Stockholm. Read more >>

Club 8 - "Jesus, walk with me"

Track listing
1. Jesus, walk with me (MP3)
2. What I'm dreaming of is something I could have
3. Take me home
4. Jesus, walk with me (The Sound of Arrows remix) (MP3)
5. Jesus, walk with me (Jimahl remix) (MP3)
Price: €6

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quiet Village

More like the alternate soundtrack of Dune, "Silent Alarm" has me in disco-dub lust. While you're more likely to hear, Circus of Horror, on all the other blogs. HIAHT is PROUD to feature, Can't Be Beat:

Quiet Village - Can't Be Beat

This marvelous, rolling gem sounds straight out of 1980. And I wouldn't be surprised if the dollies pick this shit up and mix it in with the rest of the jewels - IT'S THAT GOOD!
You can find Quiet Village's Silent Alarm now on !K7.

I'm definately ready for summer now.

Also here's an extra special mix from Quiet Village to jump start your gemini delights:
01 Quiet Village - "Victoria's Secret" (!K7)
02 Rhythm & Sound - "Jah Version" (Burial Mix)
03 Jackie Mittoo - "After Xmas" (Soul Jazz)
04 Warp 69 - "Natural High" (Global Communication remix) (Dedicated)
05 Led Zeppelin - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (Atlantic)
06 Stelvio Cipriani - "Main Theme From Blindman" (Digitmovies)
07 Quiet Village - "Gold Rush" (!K7)
08 Sergio Mendes - "Crystal Illusions" (A&M)
09 Celestine Okwu - "Okwukwe Na Nchekwube" (Soundway)
10 US69 - "On My Way" (Buddah)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Style WhyCons

Tinsley Mortimer is one; Arden Wohl is another. Isabella Blow practically defined the term.

Call them style whycons—people whose unconventional aesthetics and bold wardrobe choices have gotten them noticed, for better and for worse. While those on the Eastern Seaboard worship almost exclusively at the altar of whycons who are the offspring of old-money socialites, Los Angeles is—and always has been—home to the immigrant ingénue.

Since the dawn of Hollywood's golden age, girls with big dreams and small waists have been getting off the bus from Anytown, USA, looking to make it here. Make what, exactly? “It” used to be a career as an actress, but now, thanks to the Internet, “it” changes every other week.

Model/web-lebrity/pink-haired style whycon Audrey Kitching—friend of fashion Renaissance man Clint Catalyst and designer Jared Gold—formed her fan base via the primordial HTML code of MySpace. Since the Web cares little about geography, her physical location seemed irrelevant. But six months ago, Kitching left her native Philadelphia and headed straight to L.A. “I used to fly out here all of the time for photo shoots,” she says, “so it just got to the point where it made more sense to move out here. I figured that things would happen a lot faster if I did, and it turns out I was right.”

Since then, Kitching has launched her own website, covered New York Fashion Week for MTV and been featured in an exhibit at the Warhol Museum in Philadelphia. One might expect her to have developed an ego as blinding as her hair, but Kitching continues to remain refreshingly humble. “I don’t think I’m the most stylish person ever,” she says. “I don’t think I’m the best model ever. I just wake up and live my life. If people happen to say nice things, that’s awesome. If not, it’s not going to bother me.”

We use the Internet to work, play, date and even have sex; it was only a matter of time before it fostered its own celebrities. American Apparel model Lauren Paez didn’t think twice before she sent photos of herself to the L.A.-based clothing company in response to one of its online model searches.

“I was living in a tent in Yosemite with my then-boyfriend when we saw they were looking for models, so we submitted some photos and it just kind of happened,” Paez recalls. For the record, the Boyle Heights native wasn’t living in a tent because she was strapped for cash—she was just very earth-conscious at the time. “I was so granola back then,” she says. ”That’s part of why I wanted to work with American Apparel, because they’re a sweatshop-free company and I thought that was really great.”

Not everyone loves the fact that these girls—along with Cory Kennedy, Linda Strawberry, Jeffree Starr, Raquel Reed and Sky Ferreira—are influencing the fashion industry and altering standards of beauty. Kitching has received anonymous e-mails telling her she is too short and too fat to be a model. She takes it all in stride. “I don’t really care what other people think about me—they either like me or they don’t,” she says. “Our whole generation is so consumed with appearance. Everyone feels pressure to fit in. I like to think of myself as someone they can look up to who breaks the mold of all that.”

Despite what Tyra Banks will tell you, a fierce runway walk does not a model make. The gap between trained professionals and “accidental” models has narrowed, thanks to the accessibility of the Internet and our insatiable hunger for new images. Suddenly, being conventionally good looking in the fashion world means about as much as the plot in a Sophia Coppola film: It’s nice when it’s there, but the actors and art direction are strong enough to keep an audience entertained either way. Enter the whycons.
OKAY! here's the lick it mix

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

New single from The Radio Dept.

In the beginning of 2007 people started talking about new material from The Radio Dept. There was even a rumour going on that they were working on two albums simultaneously and that both would be released in May the same year. In other words, two albums merely one year after the release of the previous album ”Pet Grief”. Those who had followed the band for a few years and knew how they work probably suspected this would not happen.

"Freddie and the Trojan Horse" is a first taste of their upcoming album ”Clinging to a scheme” due to be released on September 10. The new songs are said to be influenced by minimalistic post-punk, krautrock, repetitive "motorik" beat and ambient noise. We'll, hopefully, know if that's true on September 10.

The Radio Dept. "Freddie and the Trojan Horse" (LAB105, 3-track CD Single) is out on June 4.

The Radio Dept. - "Freddie and the Trojan Horse"

Track listing
1. Freddie and the Trojan Horse
2. Closing scene
3. The room, Tarzana

"It’s time – once again and more clearly than before – to show our standpoint. ’Freddie and the Trojan Horse’ is about the untruthfulness of the Swedish right-wing government and how the leading party seized power by portraying itself as supportive of the workers.” THE RADIO DEPT. April 17th, 2008.

Friday, April 11, 2008


A Little Night Music, or Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, is the exceptionally wonderous, cosmically exquisite new project for Henry Smithson, also known as Riton. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik is a blissful trip down the autobahn circa 1974, a genius meeting of motorik rhythm and shimmering atmospherics, of churning basslines and tripped out sitar, relentless drums and drifting synths. In the spirit of the Krautrock forefathers and their synth pioneering mothers, Modular is ridiculously proud to be bringing you the self-titled Eine Kleine Nacht Musik record very soon…….

From the horse's mouth:
"ive got a new album coming out in July on Modular records.
its gonna be under my new moniker of 'eine kliene nachtmusik'
its my trip in the kosmiche world of 1970s Germany
influenced by great bands such as kraftwerk, neu and the like
there will be a 12" only single out next month to wet the appetite"

Still not convinced? Check out his remix of Hercules and Love Affair's You Belong:

Hercules and Love Affair - You Belong (Riton Remix)


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tetra Plok

Let me introduce you to Tetra Plok from Belgium. Her limited edition 7-inch, "Future Maker", is sold out but that should deter you from picking up her 10-inch, "Fear Of A Blind Date" on Textolux - you will have to send them an e-mail to get it!

Now, you will only find Some Day exclusively here for it is a KILLER track on the flipside of the record:

Tetra Plok - Someday

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Presets

head on over to their MySpace page to stream the whole album!

personal favorite:
If I Know You

I seriously cannot wait for the show.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008


The Presets' latest assault out soon!

01 Kicking and Screaming
02 My People
03 A New Sky
04 This Boy's in Love
05 Yippiyo-ay
06 Talk Like That
07 Eucalyptus
08 If I Know You
09 Together
10 Aeons
11 Anywhere

here's a taste:

The Presets - Kicking and Screaming

Monday, March 24, 2008

holy week

wow! what a week!

monday: ivy and i decided to hit up mustache mondays over @ charlie o's. the placed was packed due to it being st. patrick's day. the crowd was super cute, even SQUEAKY was there! we both got our cards read. i was told something about "addictions" blah blah blah. we only decided on the reading because he was super cute and had a hot beard. too bad his breath was killing. i'll admit, it kinda bothered me but i got over it as soon as i saw MS. MARTIN. this flawless victory mess brought it back:

i bought some more drag queens drinks and was invited to the after party. ivy wasn't keen since she was TIRED, which was probably good since we both had to work the next day - i guess that's what that card-reading bitch meant about "addictions" PFFF!


wednesday: AMERICAN IDOL.

thursday: so i see this cute flyer telling me about, Rhonda. I had conviced whoodi to ditch tigerheat so we can hit this bitch up. we get there early which is always good cause we chatted away with the production team. they were all super cute! cute enough to bring out Jeffree Star, Traver (from Heatherette), Austin Young, Mecca Revlon, and James St. James to name a few.

pics of both nights here.

friday: dropped off the rental cause that shit was getting expensive. i get a phone call from my parter-in-crime, Frank. she and Ernie picked up some trade at the bus stop. they wanted to chill. but first: P,R, and i hit up the eagle for some drinks. we weren't feeling it some off we go. we drank, and drank..."drink! drink! drink!" and KIKI would say. shit got x-rated. i was the last one to hit the hay, 6:37 am to be exact. if you want details you have to call me. i'll just tell you this much: what we thought was TRADE ended up being the biggest bottom around!

saturday: part deux! except with more peeps. lesbians mostly. i also got this cute brazillian boy to jock my shoes. he's straight so i found it odd, but then found out he worked at sportie l.a. - made more sense. i wish i could post pics. but i can't :p rePUTAtions would get ruined! if you want details you have to call me.

sunday: family stuff @ my aunt's. damn it was hot! a perfect way to finish off the week. i was rocking my golden girls shirt. but really i just wanted to get home and SLEEP! my roommates wanted to go to the fair but i stayed-in. i passed-the fuck out.

i might go to mustache tonight.

sorry so long, i had some coffee and it's letting me have!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wet Wednesday

So the drive to work was wet. That means traffic was a bitch. I haven't washed my car since December thanks to the rain. The outside looks decent, the inside is a different story. But isn't that the same story for everything else? i.e.

whatevs, there's this bitchin party tonight:

don't be shady and give me some hi-nrg beats:

Viva - Don't Turn Your Love Away 1985

Friday, February 15, 2008

Starved of Myrth

When you're on the hunt it's keen to be well-equipped (not that way silly) but rather with some sort of visual aid. How else are you going to spot your next morsel in the dark alley behind Tomkat? "Flash in The Night" by Public Passion serves to be fitting for such an escapade. Remember: bring your fleshlight... i mean flashlight!

Now all you need is that right trick to respond to your sleazy craigslist ad. Let "Calling All Boys" by The Flirts be your mantra. Just make sure you visit the free clinic after, you dirty bitch.

The Flirts - Calling All Boys 1982

Monday, February 11, 2008

Clothes are just a thin disquise

It's that time again when you're reminded on how lonely you are, if you're single. You start seeing the ads, the fake chocolates, and countless stuffed animals that convey how you feel for your beloved.
And you know what? FUCK THAT! Dive into my "Tunnel of Love" at full speed. I want to feel your horsepower all around. What a proper song too. This thirsty bitch, Carol Cooper, let's you have it trying to convince you to find that "perfect stranger". Maybe you can get away with that in 1985, maybe. But that shit doesn't fly today unless you want to be one saucy queen.

All-in-all this song quenches my hunger for love.

Carol Copper - Tunnel of Love

i (heart) andrew BUTTler


Saturday, February 09, 2008

you didn't say, "goodbye"

Probably one of my favorite records of all time is Trilogy's "Note Love" released domestically on JDC. You should have seen the look on my face when browsing the vinyl section of my local and late Tower Records store. It was like finding a diamond among rocks. I wanted to jump for joy when I found the repress.
I immediately went to playgirl's house to rip onto mp3. It's funny because the mp3 of "Not Love" that is floating around the web MUST be ours because of the distinct silence at the beginning an unmistakable crack-pattern that only a mother would know. See that was when playgirl and I would smoke a lot of pot! and I wouldn't doubt if some ash got on the record. Idk, I'm not jumping the gun hear but when you know.

Having said that here is a remix (more like rework) of "Not Love" by Shezoray:

Trilogy - Not Love (Shezoray Remix)

I wouldn't fuck with this classic but I look beyond that because I love this fucking track soooo much!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Spanish lesson:

A Piraña (pronounced /pɨˈrɑːnjə/, /pɨˈrænjə/, /pɨˈrɑːnə/, or /pɨˈrænə/) is a member of a family of omnivorous freshwater fish which live in South American rivers. In Venezuelan rivers they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and an aggressive appetite for meat.

I told you fish is dangerous!

Adal-Scandy Super Band - Piraña (Instrumental) 1979

Written in 1979 by Celso Valli, who wrote great classics for Macho, Azoto, Passengers, Tantra to name a few. Peter Richard's "Walking in the Neon" is also one of the gems he arranged. Here with "Piraña" you can dive into the rolling beat that is common of his work.

So all you disco panthers out there, get out you havah nagilah because girls cost money.
It's the way!

Some "Hot Leather" for you:

one dolla make you holla

$1 beers (i think)

Friday, February 01, 2008

On the Run

1983 electro disco gem, "Number One", by Aida was co-produced by Vanguard master, Mark Berry:

Aida - Number One

Perfect for you thirsty queens that are on the constant quest for that perfect nut. Yet there is a sense of security when someone places you on their top spot, so I BETTER be your number one on your MySpace pages, bitches!

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

see you at The Copa

I'm sure there was TRADE for days. The sounds and lines coming out of this place would make any boy get on his knees after a night of china white and France Joli. Go on! Work those "disco connections".

DJ Jerry Infinity - Can't get enough COPA, COPA 2

tracklist: unknown

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Blackhawk!

Adam Modular, aka BIG BLACKHAWK, throws it down with his first mixtape.

1. “Too Much Time On My Hands” – Styx
2. “Wet N Wild” (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) – KIM
3. “All You Ever Think About Is Sex”- Sparks
4. “Banquet” (Boys Noize Remix) – Bloc Party
5. “Abacab” – Genesis
6. “Saturdays” – Cut Copy / “Workin’ Day & Night” (demo) – Michael Jackson
7. “Wells Fargo” – Babe Ruth
8. “Sweaty” (Shazam Remix) – Muscles / “Runnin’ With The Devil” (acapella)
9. “Girlfriend Is Better” – Talking Heads
10. “Sweet Talk” – Spank Rock
11. “My People” (DIM Remix) – The Presets

Big Blackhawk - Mix Uno

You can catch him DJ'ing in and around Los Angeles.
This mix is sick!

leave the darkness behind

this song drives me insane. i can't wait to hear it being dropped by a local dj! not to mention that i fucking LOVE antony. <3

12" vinyl release now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mellowdrone in Frisco

Get your tickets now! Can't wait to see you!!!

Mellowdrone with:
Rykarda and the Tower Ravens
Excuses for Skipping
Cafe du Nord
$12, 21+

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

burning on the flip side

okay, so we all know that i fucking love the shit out of erland øye ever since hearing his arctic voice in poor leno. his dj sets are fun and i think he's fucking sexy (not as much as eirik) but geek-chic is such a turn on. whatever.
yeah yeah, we all know the song, burning, from the whitest boy alive but if you're lucky enough to have the 7" on MODULAR(and lucky enough to be reading this blog) then you have this baby:

written by morgan geist, provocateur of Environ, the song whilst you away over the sunny tops of nord-berlin, if any. i think it's cheesy trying to explain a song - just fucking listen to it! either way i think is a great cover

there's a live version with vocal, stay tuned for that.

Monday, January 07, 2008

better late than never

here are some pics from hard nye

how she got that bottle in is beyond me

fuzzy peach

rum and coke bitches

banger boy-love

atrak is sooo cute, robin & maria in the background

wigs all around

where's devon?!

cory kennedy is a photog

it's all about the eyeliner

JUSTICE !!!!!!!

leave them all behind

don't get your panties in a bunch

get off the floar!