Saturday, September 29, 2007

Magic Fly

I think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, even when we're ill.
Take the common cold: sure, there are countless medications to make you "feel" better but it is your own body putting up the fight.
Voltaire said it best, "The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." So I take my vitamin c and ehinacea to convince myself I don't need psuedoephedrine.
But don't take this too seriously. We live in an age where escapism IS medicine.

Kebekelektrik - Magic Fly 1977

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Running Up That Hill

Chromatics have come a long way, changing members, changing sounds but always remaining ever so cool. Their "Night Drive" cd is out now on mail-order after putting their final touches during a lunar eclipse - talk about a sign from the heavens. Ruth's voice is angelic and not to mention she's a tall, beautiful woman. She conjures up images of a modern day Nico (at least to me) for I already have a handful of glam queens begging to differ, though they've yet to hear Chromatics.
Make sure to catch one of their shows and dance dance dance the night away. And if you do attend one of their shows, make sure to grab as much merchandise as possible for you'll regret it later.

Chromatics - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover) 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


one the gayest songs ever! perfect for any sleazy set. the beat goes along with a story of a self-proclaimed "butch" but with a hit of poppers and a "p-lease, miss thang" here and there, it's safe to say she's a big power-bottom. hide your quaaludes and cock rings cause this bitch is on it!

first released in 1983 and according to john hedges, only a 1000 were pressed, and a few hundred of those came up defective. then later resurrected by the boys over at panama records.

which makes me question the attraction of hardcore san francisco queen disco to straight euro deejays. i guess it's the aesthetic.

Danny Boy And The Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy 1983

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Come On

i know i said i was going to try to keep this blog up to date but i've been lagging as of late. i've been going out mostly every night and i hardly sleep in my own bed.

i wish i was in new york for this:

fuck it, here's some music:

Jules Tropicana - Come On 1983

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Guess Who ??

Which "hot" bimbo last night was stumbling around foreign land outside a club in town for a festival, loudly exclaiming her love to everyone clearly delusional to attention she wasn't getting, shortly before dancing on some speakers and totting off to the bathroom to do a few lines of coke, whilst a bouncer kept watch?

source: two canadian girls.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Con Limon y Sal

Sure, Environ resurrected it from the grave and put a spin on it but have you heard the vocal? The vocal version stands on it's own but it is the instrumental that causes the place to catch on fire.
Picture this: It's the summer of '79 in Saragossa, Spain. You've just escaped the deadly hotel fire by the skin of your teeth with your Balenciaga scarf still in tact. You stop by a sleazy bar to count how many lives you have left while sipping on your freshly made margarita and this song starts to play. You raise your glass to Pancho Morales and Pino Massara for this sublime moment.

Too bad the song is about a whore.

Massara - Margherita (vocal)

Massara - Margherita (instrumental)

Gravity Will Get You Every Time

Before I even heard of Hard-Fi, Editors, and amidst the Interpol wave, I was keen on this low key Northampton band by the name of, The Departure. With "All Mapped Out", "Be My Enemy", "Arms Around Me", and "Lump In My Throat" videos under their belt, I simply cannot wait what they have in store. Not to mention a visit to the States would be ideal. I've been meaning to see this band.
It's not disco but I can sure dance to it.

Here is a taste of what's to come:
The Departure - Seven Years

I miss this band. So many memories.