Wednesday, January 09, 2008

burning on the flip side

okay, so we all know that i fucking love the shit out of erland øye ever since hearing his arctic voice in poor leno. his dj sets are fun and i think he's fucking sexy (not as much as eirik) but geek-chic is such a turn on. whatever.
yeah yeah, we all know the song, burning, from the whitest boy alive but if you're lucky enough to have the 7" on MODULAR(and lucky enough to be reading this blog) then you have this baby:

written by morgan geist, provocateur of Environ, the song whilst you away over the sunny tops of nord-berlin, if any. i think it's cheesy trying to explain a song - just fucking listen to it! either way i think is a great cover

there's a live version with vocal, stay tuned for that.

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