Saturday, February 09, 2008

you didn't say, "goodbye"

Probably one of my favorite records of all time is Trilogy's "Note Love" released domestically on JDC. You should have seen the look on my face when browsing the vinyl section of my local and late Tower Records store. It was like finding a diamond among rocks. I wanted to jump for joy when I found the repress.
I immediately went to playgirl's house to rip onto mp3. It's funny because the mp3 of "Not Love" that is floating around the web MUST be ours because of the distinct silence at the beginning an unmistakable crack-pattern that only a mother would know. See that was when playgirl and I would smoke a lot of pot! and I wouldn't doubt if some ash got on the record. Idk, I'm not jumping the gun hear but when you know.

Having said that here is a remix (more like rework) of "Not Love" by Shezoray:

Trilogy - Not Love (Shezoray Remix)

I wouldn't fuck with this classic but I look beyond that because I love this fucking track soooo much!

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