Monday, March 24, 2008

holy week

wow! what a week!

monday: ivy and i decided to hit up mustache mondays over @ charlie o's. the placed was packed due to it being st. patrick's day. the crowd was super cute, even SQUEAKY was there! we both got our cards read. i was told something about "addictions" blah blah blah. we only decided on the reading because he was super cute and had a hot beard. too bad his breath was killing. i'll admit, it kinda bothered me but i got over it as soon as i saw MS. MARTIN. this flawless victory mess brought it back:

i bought some more drag queens drinks and was invited to the after party. ivy wasn't keen since she was TIRED, which was probably good since we both had to work the next day - i guess that's what that card-reading bitch meant about "addictions" PFFF!


wednesday: AMERICAN IDOL.

thursday: so i see this cute flyer telling me about, Rhonda. I had conviced whoodi to ditch tigerheat so we can hit this bitch up. we get there early which is always good cause we chatted away with the production team. they were all super cute! cute enough to bring out Jeffree Star, Traver (from Heatherette), Austin Young, Mecca Revlon, and James St. James to name a few.

pics of both nights here.

friday: dropped off the rental cause that shit was getting expensive. i get a phone call from my parter-in-crime, Frank. she and Ernie picked up some trade at the bus stop. they wanted to chill. but first: P,R, and i hit up the eagle for some drinks. we weren't feeling it some off we go. we drank, and drank..."drink! drink! drink!" and KIKI would say. shit got x-rated. i was the last one to hit the hay, 6:37 am to be exact. if you want details you have to call me. i'll just tell you this much: what we thought was TRADE ended up being the biggest bottom around!

saturday: part deux! except with more peeps. lesbians mostly. i also got this cute brazillian boy to jock my shoes. he's straight so i found it odd, but then found out he worked at sportie l.a. - made more sense. i wish i could post pics. but i can't :p rePUTAtions would get ruined! if you want details you have to call me.

sunday: family stuff @ my aunt's. damn it was hot! a perfect way to finish off the week. i was rocking my golden girls shirt. but really i just wanted to get home and SLEEP! my roommates wanted to go to the fair but i stayed-in. i passed-the fuck out.

i might go to mustache tonight.

sorry so long, i had some coffee and it's letting me have!

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