Thursday, June 26, 2008

More human than human

Ever since I heard the S.Y.D. remix of "Little" from the Pauli vs Tyrell release on Clone, I was instantly hooked on these two.

I was already a MAJOR fan of Alden for his "Love Explosion" - that song still drives me wild, and his name referencing the Tyrell Corporation on the classic cult film, Bladerunner
GENIUS all around!

I got to know Pauli by his epic mix. tracklist. Any mix that starts off by Front 242 is an instant classic to me.

Now I bring you two new songs from this super duo:

Alden Tyrell - INSTR

Mr. Pauli - EBM3

Now I found out today that the Hercules and Love Affair show @ The Echo is SOLD OUT!!! this saddens me.
I leave you with a U.S. only album extra:

Hercules and Love Affair - I'm Telling You

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