Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midnight Closes In

As you probably know by now: I am obsessed with The Fascination Movement. Their debut EP, 0.5, has been on constant rotation for the latter part of last year and those cold nights when I need my new wave fix. "Radio" still drives me nuts and the new Starcluster Remix brings me down from cloud 9. But it is the Elitechnique Remix of "Just Pretend" that has my player on repeat. I just have to make sure to snatch up one of the 100 copies with hand printed sleeves on March 16! An official release is due out in April - just in time for my birthday!

A1) Radio (Starcluster Remix)
A2) Just Pretend (Elitechnique Remix)
B1) Down Again (ALBAs Rework)

Just Pretend (Elitechnique Remix)

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