Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Con Limon y Sal

Sure, Environ resurrected it from the grave and put a spin on it but have you heard the vocal? The vocal version stands on it's own but it is the instrumental that causes the place to catch on fire.
Picture this: It's the summer of '79 in Saragossa, Spain. You've just escaped the deadly hotel fire by the skin of your teeth with your Balenciaga scarf still in tact. You stop by a sleazy bar to count how many lives you have left while sipping on your freshly made margarita and this song starts to play. You raise your glass to Pancho Morales and Pino Massara for this sublime moment.

Too bad the song is about a whore.

Massara - Margherita (vocal)

Massara - Margherita (instrumental)

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