Wednesday, December 05, 2007

los angeles weather sucks

Okay, so last week was fucking cold enough to rain and have me wishing for a warm lover to cuddle up with at night. Café Society's Somebody To Love swept through my mind while I froze my lonely soul. I say that now until I get fed up with you and throw you off the bed - I'm a bit selfish like that.
Julius Brown's Party is the perfect soundtrack for what I am feeling at the moment. The weather is hot (mostly unpredictable) and my inbox is full of party invitations, advance screenings, factory sales, and an occasional threatening note. All I want to do is DANCE and forgot about it all! Is it shallow to attend the least attractive event just because I "know" the music will be decent?

Sure you've heard The Ultimate Warlord by The Immortals but you must hear this version:
Little Casper and The MX's - The Ultimate Warlord

It's a lot sexier with the female vocals


a new ZOOT WOMAN track for all you Stuart Price bitches, though I don't think he's in the band anymore - yes, it's been that long.

Zoot Woman - We Won't Break

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