Thursday, December 13, 2007

teases the crack in me

wow, last night's performance was incredible to say the least. i got there early to see if i can upgrade my ticket to a better seat with no luck. i ended up seeing my ex right after purchasing a ticket rows from the stage - i thought this show was sold out?!
whatevs, i tagged along until i was politely asked to go to my proper seat during the ratatat set. all of this would have completely embarrassed me but all of that was left at closest metro rail station. even the experience with my ex was sincere, for it IS our love for björk that keeps us grounded.

besides being transfixed by the visible package of ratatat's keyboardist during the opening set, i tried not to shed a tear during "unravel".

i'm still giddy.

Björk - Who Is It (Ameilio Remix)

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